First ever hybrid Self-CheckOut kiosk in the world with a direct verification for the purchase of prepaid and postpaid products by MICHAELTELECOM AG , NTS Retail , Isaria Corporate Design AG and Pyramid Computer GmbH.

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Great article by our partner and friend Sam Zietz at TouchSuite and GRUBBRR . All US QSRs, retailers e.g. please contact our Pyramid Computer GmbH North America team of Ryan Lagace , Mike DeMarco and Giovanni Scianna for any questions on customer journey…

Did you know that you can use Pyramid Computer GmbH kiosks with hygiene gloves? Our touch products are not consumer but industrial grade.
Your operation does not have to stop! Use our kiosks and encourage customers to shop safely with gloves.


Precautionary measures in times of Corona – But Pyramid Computer GmbH is still here for you! Stay safe and healthy.

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Precautionary Measures in times of Corona – But we are still here for you!

For more information and news, click the link below:

During this difficult time, we wish you, your families and communities all the best for your health and safety.

Sehr geehrter Geschäftspartner, Pyramid Computer GmbH hat alle erforderlichen Maßnahmen ergriffen, um weiter für Sie da zu sein.

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Pyramid Computer GmbH believes that network & security technology in Retail & Hospitality is starting to be massively adopted in the market. For example, Amazon is externally driving the next big trend for cashier-less Retail stores with their Go technolo…

Check out my latest article: Post-Corona Retail & Hospitality IT? via @LinkedIn

Table service solution at its finest for QSR, F&B locations, canteens e.g. by Pyramid Computer GmbH.
Check out the amazing showroom of our partner De Digitale B.V. for a taste of the future for retail.

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