• Miniaturized footprint
  • Elegant appearance
  • Modular product design
  • Integrated printer, scanner, payment device

polytouch® 27 passport

The most elegant and compact self-service double-sided kiosk

polytouch® 27 passport is the modular kiosk solution for self-order, ticketing and self-checkout. This kiosk is an absolute eye-catcher thanks to its designer pedestal. The double-sided and space-saving self-service terminal is made for high volume use. It can be equipped with a chip & pin payment device, 2D scanner and thermal printer.
As with the entire polytouch® product range, the kiosk can also be customized accordingly to the customer’s color.


The system consists of several components:
  • Pedestal

    The pedestal is available only as a double version. Depending on taste, it is available as a filigree, stylish or classic, straight version.
    This allows the kiosk to be placed anywhere as a stand-alone version. A cable duct runs through the stand hiding any cables for power and data.

  • Chassis with display and computer unit

    Inside the chassis, there is the unique plug & play PC-Box, which requires only one cable for the entire system. The video signal also reaches the screen via a plug-in card, which eliminates the need for additional cabling at this point.
    The configurable PC-Box can be equipped with the latest Intel® Core™Intel® Core™ Skylake CPUs.
    In order to prevent unauthorized access to the computer unit, the chassis is secured with a lock.

    The display is available in three different screen types:

    • Anti-glare-type-display
    • Bonded anti-glare-type-display
    • Bonded glare-type-display

Optional modules

polytouch® 27 passport can be customized with additional modules like printer, scanner and EFT:
  • Printer

    The following thermal printers can be integrated as standard:

    • Epson TM-T88V

    Other printers available on request.

  • Scanner

    • Honeywell CM3680 (optional)


  • EFT Payment

    • Verifone MX915 (optional)

    Further EFTs are possible on request.


The customer has a free choice of color for powder-coating of the chassis. This is possible according to the customer-specific requirements in all RAL colors. The pedestal is also available in different colours and design variants.

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